Book creation process

1) Initial 1 hour meeting to discuss book topic: goals, audience, purpose, level of detail and expertise.

Outcome: A detailed outline of the chapters or sections of the book, and the set of questions our writers will ask to generate the content for each chapter. The outline (and interview questions) will be structured in a way to provide a story arc and logical flow to the book.

Estimated time to achieve outcome following initial phone meeting: 2 weeks

2) Up to eight 1 hour sessions to record the contents of the book. Our writers will ask the questions and lead the conversation.

Outcome: Audio files of the author speaking his book

Estimated time to achieve outcome: 3 weeks (contingent upon author’s availability)

3) Audio files sent to transcription service

Outcome: Our writers receive the raw transcript of the author’s interviews

Estimated time to achieve outcome: Each transcript completed in 7 days; rolling process during recording stage of book

4) Our writers to edit transcript

Outcome: First draft to share with author. Draft submitted in book form, with chapters, paragraphs and edited copy.

Estimated time to achieve outcome: 3 weeks

5) Share completed first draft with author – author to make edits

Outcome: Edited book returned to our writers

Estimated time to achieve outcome: 2 weeks (contingent upon author’s schedule)

6) Second round of edits by our writers. Shared with author.

Outcome: Completed book

Estimated time to achieve outcome: 1 week

Publishing options:

• Speakvolumes can upload PDF to Amazon for Kindle publishing and print-on-demand (included)
• Professional page layout additional
• Cover art additional

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